Davis Solicitors | Employment Law
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Employment Law

Disputes in the workplace can get to be troublesome. In some circumstances disputes of this nature can not be resolved without legal advice. When this happens we can help you.

Our experience in employment law allows us to be devoted to giving brief, down to earth and definitive legal advice on employment law issues.

How We Can Help

Our Employment Solicitors are specialists in each part of employment law our quality for some individuals is in accomplishing positive results through classified settlements, to prevent Employment Tribunal in many cases. Our team will take time to workout the best way to oversee and resolve employment issues both autonomously, and through our help with intervention and our question to resolution methodology.
We have dealt with numerous point of reference setting cases and everybody we speak to, from the most noteworthy positioning senior administrators and accomplices to junior representatives, gets the best legal representation and the largest amount of thought and care at all times. We additionally expect to keep costs as reasonable as we can allow over the span of our work with you.
Our services incorporate Executive Reps which gives agents to workplace hearings to non-union staff. Our employment law solicitors can help you with any issues that emerges under employment law, for example,
  • settlement (bargain) assertions
  • bonus and commission disputes and other legally binding cases
  • employment tribunal claims for expulsion or separation (sex, race, handicap, sexual introduction, religion and age)
  • constructive expulsion
  • negotiated severances
  • disciplinary, grievance and capacity systems
  • harassment and exploitation
  • equal pay
  • pensions
  • redundancies
  • restrictive pledges and assurance of private data
Keep in mind that time cutoff points are short for some employment guarantees so you ought to look for legal advice as quickly as time permits.

We understand that each client is different & our flexibility allows us to tailor make our service to you, making it cost efficient & result focused.

If you are looking for assistance with any of the above mentioned issues. Please contact us & let us help you.