Davis Solicitors | Family & Children Matters
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Family & Children Matters

Family & children are the most important people in life but can also create the biggest problems both emotionally and legally. When these issues arise we are here to help.

When a family unit breaks down the role of the solicitor is to help the family find a legal solution that is fair & just. We help our clients to understand the legal parameters for getting their desired outcome & we try to achieve this outcome in the best way possible.

How We Can Help

Family Dispute Resolution
We give auspicious, legally helped family debate resolution administrations to powerless individuals. We help isolated families to meet the best advantages of their children by giving case administration, appraisal, planning and referral.
Child Support
We work to guarantee that children of isolated parents are fiscally supported as per the law. In situations where an isolated individual can not support themselves, and their previous accomplice has ability to pay, we work towards an answer of money related support and the reasonable appropriation of benefits and liabilities.
We likewise guarantee that at risk parents have admittance to autonomous legal advice and representation where necessary.
Parenting Disputes
We give data, advice and representation to isolating or isolated couples who are in debate about their children’s living and care courses of action. For high-clash families who have been not able resolve children’s issues through family debate resolution administrations, we may help with access to the Family Law Courts.
Family Violence
We add to the safety of grown-ups and children affected by family violence and help with decreasing the frequency of family violence by giving legal data, advice and representation to influenced grown-ups and children. This incorporates representing customers at the Family Law Courts, the Children’s Court and the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria.
We additionally add to open verbal confrontation about approaches and practices of London courts and governments in connection to family violence.
Children’s Lawyers
We give help with Family Law Court procedures to children at danger of damage because of the lead of one or both parents. We intend to guarantee that legal officers use sound judgment in view of the best accessible confirmation and that courses of action requested by the court are in the children’s best advantages.
Child Protection
We help children, youngsters and parents reacting to child security applications by the state by guaranteeing that any legal intervention is constrained to what is important to advance the child’s or youngster’s wellbeing, safety and prosperity.
We give legal data, advice and representation, and in addition group legal instruction intended to ensure and advance the privileges of children, youngsters and parents some time recently, amid and after child security procedures.

We understand that each client is different & our flexibility allows us to tailor make our service to you, making it cost efficient & result focused.

If you are looking for assistance with any of the above mentioned issues. Please contact us & let us help you.