Davis Solicitors | General Litigation
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General Litigation

What is General Litigation?

Whether you are the defendant or claimant, we aim to handle your case quickly and efficiently.

At Davis Solicitors our main focus is representing you. We will work with you to discover the best option for settling your dispute, We undertake litigation, arbitration and other dispute resolution procedures in all courts, at tribunals and judicial hearings. Because the cost of going to court can be substantial, we will always highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your case and explain the financial consequences of success and failure. If we believe a fair settlement can be reached by negotiation, we will tell you because this method is usually quicker and less costly than going to court from transaction and intervention to full court activity.
We will represent you for prosecution of claims, the defence of claims, and many more litigations.
Trusts and land disputes, which every now and then can cause disruption in the family. We give professional advice disputed wills and legacies, and strife over land (where the issue might be about joint proprietorship, limits, occupancies, or rights over land).
Our professional lawyers have effectively defended individuals and associations against breach of fiduciary duty claims, prohibitive agreement related claims, election-related concerns and exchange criticism and slander. We have likewise effectively spoken to groups in their activities against proprietors to authorise rules, for harms from contractors, for harms emerging from defective items and for trespass, easement-related and property line-related disputes.
We help our boards and their overseeing agents lucid to the proprietors or shareholders the purposes for any litigation including the pending and likely expenses and the conceivable results. We effectively contest matters for our clients’ benefit and help clients set and modify strategy, and look for different methods of settlement.
One of the key parts of a general provide legal counsel company’s ability is the quality of its litigation administrations. Since our association’s establishing, we have built and kept our reputation through our capacity to convey our client’s winning message to the courts. Our trial attorneys have a very long while of involvement in major and minor litigation in essentially every territory of law.
We are perceived not just in the field of individual damage defence litigation, additionally in the regions of business and business litigation, shareholder and association disputes, contract activities, development litigation, genuine property activities and procedures, work litigation, home litigation, and offended party’s close to home harm litigation (barring medicinal misbehaviour).
Our team works with you to explore the options that will help you to reach a dispute resolution where conceivable and with least cost for both parties. Extra advantages of using option dispute resolution incorporate procedural adaptability, a streamlined disclosure process, and classification of the procedures and results.

We understand that each client is different & our flexibility allows us to tailor make our service to you, making it cost efficient & result focused.

If you are looking for assistance with any of the above mentioned issues. Please contact us & let us help you.